Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's April already..

So I haven't read my last blog.. therefore I'm not sure where I was last I posted, however I know I was in the middle of the middle or what I was calling 'limbo'. Neither here nor there, and specifics weren't really specific. Reason I started this blog was to include those close to me into my whirlwind of happenings because they were coming and going so quick, so far outside my typical realm. I italicize typical because I really don't know what typical is.. in fact, I'm pretty sure I live my life to not have a typical. I digress..

Well as I wrapped the movie and stepped in to 2011, I had no real direction. I had all sorts of new doors I could try and run through even if they were only barely cracked. I wasn't sure which I should put all my energy towards so I was waiting. Instead of sprinting through a chosen door to find myself nose to brick with a wall that had been hidden behind that cracked door, I could have sworn it was an illusion. Or maybe the whole door was an illusion from the start. I don't know myself well enough to barge through a random door and start making promises. Who knows.. call it hesitation, insecurities, call it untrusting, call it just that awkward feeling I had that said just wait.. so I waited.

I waited long enough to have made a great big circle.. all the way back to the ad agency I was laid off at. This is the place that spit me out in time so I could find myself as a sports marketing vice president of a football league.. as a model, an actor, a costume designer.. a video game ambassador.. and as projects slowed, a freelancer..  Now? I am an employee of this fire to hire agency. Haha. After a year and a half, beginning March 21 I am full time employed again in the corporate world.

When my former now present colleagues ask me what I've been doing.. my response is feeling more and more like I'm just making up random facts. They ask me, What?! How?! and I just smile and nod. :) I've been given the chance to see more and learn beyond the wildest textbooks from such amazing opportunities and blessings.. all I can say is, "It's been crazy." The people, cultures, projects, expectations, rewards, relationships, and ultimately the new life views I've made my own.. are just so bold that now that I am in the shiny polished pair of shoes I was in before the whole whirlwind happened, I see it all differently. New approaches, new thoughts on humanity, on how I saw the same people I worked with before.. and what I feel I understand much differently now. Hm. Cool how that works. All a part of the big picture, I guess.

So I'm corporate now. Haha I'm in the suit from 9-5. That's crazy.. but I'm still waiting.

Life is a series of projects. Since my title is now ironically Project Manager.. the projects I'm working on outside of the agency:
 - writing a novel and screenplay of my cousin's life, mi prima. Mi adopted prima. It has begun. With an amazing writer, an amazing life story, and myself, us 3 will be meeting twice a month to interview and script such live details into what will be a life-changing story. I am ecstatic about this because it's all a God thing. Like my whirlwind, He's moving chess pieces here, the owner and ultimate champion of this game of life is moving me. It's fun. It's fun to trust and not know what the outcome will be. Fun!

 - Whitfield and all he entails. Ha! Helping him conquer the world through football.. Thursday, April 28th will provide a stamp on his life's passport for sure. Til then, nonstop gears churning and working for him in the US!! I shall provide support and a helping hand in sanity. Giggle. Sanity. As much as I can at least.

 - all the tidbits that make up the in between gaps and breaths amidst all else, well those are fun too. Just, TBD.

Fun fact of the day: Adele (the singer and both albums) is incredibe. I want to steal her voice.

That is all.. Pay it forward this week to/for someone.
God is Love.


Kidding.. about the RevRun. :)