Sunday, December 12, 2010

All good things come to an end

Wow, so I haven't blogged since the Dominican! Updates..

I made it back safely to the US - - pinched myself to make sure that all just happened. The friends and great company I met and will continue to keep in touch with, truly made the Film Festival an event to remember. I am still waiting for all the pictures to surface!!

So once returned, it was just in time for Thanksgiving. George and I had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at Sargent Major and Cheryl Long's house on base.. again, in great company. It was a chilly evening and the Cowboys lost BUT it was a game of suspense, ha! Happy belated Turkey Day!!

Soon after the food coma, we were prepping for the last hoorah on set for Refuge from the Storm. Since we had one more week to go, after coming back from a really nice month long break.. it was a small task to get back into the swing of things. Especially the 15-17 hour days! Easy to slide back into schedule because of the crew back together :) :) I did miss everyone and I realized I missed them even more at the reunion for this last week. I will do my darndest to keep in touch with everyone!!!

NOW. REFUGE OF THE STORM. Michael and Christian Madsen are just plain awesome. They were an ease to dress, fun to chat with, hard to beat in H.o.r.s.e (it was an off day for me :)), and all around genuine guys. The caliber of acting that took place once they were on set was amazing. I am so excited for the premier in April! My time to shine was on Monday of last week.. I had about a page of dialogue, and I have no idea what it looked like or how I did. Was it believable? We shall see! I was made up like my alter ego and it was amazing hahaha I went from my 15hr workday sports clothes for comfort to va-va-VOOM! I will be pushing this movie until you there.. in that seat.. go and see it in theaters. Wahooo!!! As of now: THAT'S A WRAP!

Recap: These last couple months have been a whirlwind of incredible opportunities. Now, I'm getting the gist that it is time for me to grab it all by the horns and take advantage of what has been placed in front of me. I am having trouble figuring out what my next steps are. Unfortunately I do not have the liberty to sit and ponder these next steps too long, as finances have never been up in the air like they are for the beginning of 2011. My hats and weight-worthy titles I've held are in my tool belt.. and I'm not quite sure where to go to use them all! This is my resolution. . to figure that out. Thoughts? Let me know!

Bracing for Christmas 2010.. it's been one helluva year that's for sure. Things are still moving along and I know the purpose of everything that took place this year will be revealed in new friends, jobs, projects, interests, lessons, and ultimately a successful future. I'm praying and listening ever so intently to my direction... I will be praying harder and listening to the softer knudges and hopefully by January 2011 I will know just what I am doing! What a fun update for me!

The next couple blogs will likely be of a reminiscing mind, embracing this World that keeps turning. I will be with family the next couple weeks, trying to relax.. so updates of those closest to me will be my focus! I am excited to share!! Love you all who still follow :) continues! xo