Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last break off before last week of production! 2 days this time, and it is WONDERFUL. Sleeping in was amazing. I am fighting off a cold but with my pedialyte.. all's well!

Massage, movie, and play for Halloween!! I don't know where this month of October went.. Amazing things I tell you. Soon to meet Legendary folk and chat about my mocap future predictions.. I've got some homework to do to prepare!!
:) :)

Dry clean some pieces, n schedule my check ups.. Yay for a free day!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh the irony I speak of this lovely office bathroom I've decorated with wardrobe, hair and makeup.. some mental lady came in to rummage through makeup bags and steal scripts!! What the hell?!?

Fortunately after telling Coreys daughter she had diarrhea and that she wasn't taking anything.. She took some lip gloss and our lead's script. Haha again, uhhhmm.. ? Then threw away her script in the trash can outside of the bathroom. THANKFULLY. Psycho people with blue visors and new pink lip gloss really erk me! Sorry Corey!!

Then I misplaced my script and notebook and had everyone looking (thanks all!) but found it!
Chaos I tell you.

Now I'm currently on a bus as an extra - you can see the top of my head only bc I will be an actual character later in production. :) look for me in the bus when it comes out! The audio guy is in front of me, scripty to the left.. And a bunch of extras in the back o the bus..

More fun on extras by the way, are adorable.. Some are just so excited they don't know what to do with themselves. Some come expecting or reeeeally really wanting to feel like a movie star and get that special treatment. Hair done, makeup, accessorize and wardobe.. haha they're cute but you must understand you're only there to be a body folks. We ask you to be an extra for what you look like. Some feel the need at the most awkward moments to tell you who they've met, seen, or worked with.. Even if it was 50 years ago. I think it's so much fun for them.. it's cool for me being on this side of the industry. :)

Alright. Bus drive is making me sleepy and I was told by Bruce since he's director Logan for the day that my phone was reflecting and burning a hole in the lead actresses face. My bad. We shall post now!

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Office/Public bathroom

If I ever thought I'd post about working out of a public bathroom, at a transit station or subway nonetheless... Uhhhm. . .

So here I am! Getting the cast ready for our scenes today in a bathroom. My rack is in a handicap stall and makeup/hair is right in front of it. I drove up this morning looking for the trailor.. Somebody (God) told someone (crew) to NOT bring the trailor today. So we make do with what we have and get going on what we gotta do. In a million-visitor-billion-germ-place-of-waste.. Here I sit. Haha I know that sounds horrible but from what I hear it's a heck of a lot better than the men's. Hand sanitizer will be passed around all day long.

Cool how all works out, especially those things that are almost 100% expected to go wrong.. God provides. He provides answers, moves things and people along to where they need to be, and so delicately positioned and place to where you know somebody has it all under control. ;) His promises are promises, not one I've found to be anything less than what I've held Him accountable for. Very cool.

So today we are on location at the station. Yesterday we were at the studio for clinic scenes... Greatly intense scenes, blood n stuff. Yyum. I shall enjoy my day of sunshine with strangers!!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun facts.. Mark it!

Some fun facts of the day..
Regarding the clapperboard, slate or marker that you see before scenes in production.

Its job is to provide vital information about the scene at its very beginning. The clapperboard has the scene name, the take number, and any other vital information on it that would help identify particular video clips from all others. It also gives an audio synchronization point for the editor in post production (since they come into editing, seperately). If the audio and the video were not matched up perfectly you could clap together the two-hinged pieces of the board, and then the editor could line up the clap sound with the actual motion. As most see, this is done at the very beginning of the scene so that it can be easily lined up, before being cut apart in the editing process.

When a movie's sound and picture are out of synchronization, they call it a lip flap.

Black and white stripes? Diagonal lines of black and white strips are there in order to ensure a clear visual of the clap in almost any lighting condition.

All more simple than you may think!

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Waring thin mints

Hello, hello!
Well we're in to week 3, and time is definitely speeding by. Our bodies are feeling it, as well as the creditors. Haha I kid but I do know finding time for small life details is close to impossible. Laundry, being social, playing soccer/sports or working out, paying bills, and any other plans outside of this is not happening.

We've had a handful feel the bug exhaustion brings. Elias, our director is home ill today. He was looking rabbid yesterday and though he is dedicated - only so much you can do when your body limits are well passed their boundaries.

I completely understand why actors have managers.. If you truly love what youre doing, it's hard to pace yourself 1, and 2 everyone demands you! Your body and/or knowledge makes you irreplaceable.

I also give mad props to the directors and lighting. While the rest of us can grab a 5 min break in between or during scenes, they are constantly going. They stop, progress stops. Great job for those with a visual, creative mind.. So much fun and an accomplished feeling when you see your movie complete. First hand though, they do work for their pay!

It's another rainy cold day, and we have another company move today - it's going to be a looong day. With Elias gone, Bruce Logan and Terry Boen are ON. Combined, those two have got more experience over everyone else combined. :)

Get better E!! Happy birthday Katie and Tommy! (thats a country song!) Big family we are.

Back to work! We make blood today, to splatter everywhere tomorrow! Good day.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Evils arrival

Skipped yesterday blogging, it's been packed with busy-ness! If it weren't for wardrobe asst Kami, I'd be screwed today. We had a loong last couple days at the Victorian mansion.. she went shopping for today's wardrobe pieces! She did very well I must say, working within our budget.

So we've wrapped Sandra(mom), Granny, one doctor, and both servants! It's nice (with all do respect) getting rid of talent. :) and all their outfits out of the way.

I do however have to get ready for the new cast rolling in.. The first of which arrived today. Playing the main evil seductress, Jane Santos has made her way on set to watch the happenings behind the scenes. Exciting! She's adorable and so sweet 'in real life'.. She's helping me with my espanol (Dominican) and I'm helping her with her English. Fun fun, in time for visiting the DR next month :D :D

Week 2 almost complete!!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Victorian Mansion!

Beautiful set number 2 for the day. Even though it's down pouring, everyone is in high spirits! As everyone was at lunch I took a trip through the house and have it below... Incredible! Enjoy!

Okay, so blogspot is updating their photobin.. so I can't upload just yet. I will!

Intern/Assistant is lovely, though she had to stand in this morning as an extra instead of tagging along with me. She wasn't too happy about that. I kept her til about 5:30 and she was feelin it.. Yawnin' and lacking the 15 hour drive. We'll be working on that. :) she's more of a stylist, which is perfect bc I need my shopping list of outfits to be shopped for! Madsen and son, as well as a few others needs some love in the wardrobe dept. She's the woman to do the job. So happy to have help.

Today was a good day but the rain is monsoon-like. My VSA on my car kept lighting up when I was hydroplaning.. Kinda fun. It's like Texas in the spring!

New members on set and excited/bubbly extras kept me rolling today.. Dinner parties and delirium, I really wish we got some of the hilarious outtakes on camera. It will definitely be in the bloopers reel! I am SO excited to see all of this in April 2011! Premiers will be in LA, San Diego, NY, and Dominican Republic. Fun trips eh?!

I am going to start reporting some of the neat stories that keep popping up regarding our crew, cast, and really anyone that has anything to do with this movie. Strange things falling into place and happenings all by chance - but too chancy to explain.. :) somebody is at work, weaving us all into a master plan. It is so evident, it's a suspense waiting to find out why, where and what we're moving towards. Tiny to huge, it's all pretty cool.

Keep the faith!! List starts tomorrow!
Along with this Victorian video, hopefully.

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Rainy day at the cemetary

Starting off at a funeral.. Perfect rainy day!


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Blood curlding screams

Happy Monday! Good start of the week I'd say. One location, one cast member, one loong day, and several intense scenes later..

Wow does she have some lungs on her. I had to step in and be the makeup/blood distributor during rolling scenes today.. Love contributing to visual gore. She has blond hair so it was pretty evident.

I finally took the time to call back some assistants to intern with me, provided by Adam and Peter, thank you :). Ms Francis will be meeting the cast and crew tomorrow morning at 6:45am at the cemetary for a funeral.. (scene). She's probably wondering what she's gotten herself into, but she's excited either way. Haha I'm excited to have the extra hand.

To do list mañana:
Call michael madsen to get his and his sons sizes
Go to a funeral
Go to Granny's house, Victorian mansion.. and cross fingers that no ones outfit clashes with this elaborate museum

I heart all! I want to continue but I'm tired and will be up in hours.. Exciting parts coming!


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Average height of an actor

..for women is 5'3?
You should google that bc that's my estimate. They look taller on television and movies but really they're mini. Same with the Tom Cruises of the world, I'd say average male is around 5'8. Gwyneth Paltrow and I will just get better as we age.. as we shrink. Ha

So today's day off is great bc it's a day off but the day itself, eh. Good sleeping day but moody.
I've got to go shopping for some things before crew call in the morning.. Random things.
So remainder of day off #1 of 4 in a month, shop, church, eaaat!

I have found just how much I miss dining. Homemade food is fantastic and I definitely missed that.. I will now never take eating out for granted, and I crave it. This should be exciting. Didn't realize I liked food this much!

Check out brit Bruce Logan, he is our cinematographer with a ridiculous resume. Star Wars was one among many that I was impressed at. My hair and makeup chika Corey has worked on Two and a half Men and day before yesterday was on set with the tiny Courtney Cox. Pretty nifty.
Due to us having such a low fund and smaller family, even though some have more on their plate than they can handle, the lines of communication are much shorter and intimate.. I took Bruce, Terry, Elias, and one of our talent home one night. Or back to the office. Cool.

Well I'm going to try and enjoy the hours left of nada-ness.
More manana!

Go Rangers!!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Week 1 = COMPLETE.
I have finished the first week of filming on Refuge from the Storm, and it has been a whirlwind of new..
Today we shot a scene at a christian festival, with great speakers and even better costumes. ;) It was cloudy and in the 60's, drizzly and gross, but somehow I've found the ecstatic inside me that leaps when I think about the first benchmark. I made it through a hectic week, and the outcome wasn't just okay, it was amazing.

The more I chat with people on set, crew and cast, the more I realize just how in the dark I am about how I came to be here. I explain it to everyone like I am in a pitch black mansion, blindfolded, and running full speed through it - with someone else leading me.. full trust. No idea where I am or how I got there, but the faith I have that all of this will be worth so much more than I think one day. I also am understanding more of the storyline, and who it happened to, to make this movie possible. It takes one hell of a woman to go through something that can be made into a rated R movie, and come out a God-fearing Christian.

I feel accomplished, and I know I'll continue to be the sponge I feel I am on set. 3 more weeks, with the last being the most impacted scheduling. Not sure if I put this in here before, but a typical day revolves around scheduling on average about 6 pages of script in a day. We've been scheduled for about 7-8 and going 15 hours a day. To put the last week in perspective, we've scheduled for 15 hours a day, so who knows what it will actually turn out to be! Michael Madsen will be there that week, and it is also the week I will be doing my part as Didi. I'll be a punk rock bar manager with a tattoo on my face, extensions, and a sexy outfit - dressed by me. Ha. I'm pumped.

ANywho - I'm off for a whole 24 hours. I will be relaxing hopefully. . glorifying Him is hard work!! Thank you to the moms, aunts, and supporters for the catered home cooked meals for the crew and cast. Again, amazing. Thank you as well for making us all eat. Next week will be catered, but guarantee it won't have the same home-cooked filling feeling!

I will make it a point to take more pics and get them up!! Set is so much fun!!


Scenes and conflicts

So.. Last night I got home at 4 in the morning. It has been so rainy and cold that I just want to stay in bed, or better yet be in bed, period. It was a long day and the last day on location at the trelawney lane house.. Much appreciation to Linda. :) What a genuinely nice and kind spirited lady, and cat Shadow. We had to finish all pieces.. and what the Asst producer called imopossible, we've done. I see now how everyone becomes like such a family after filming or how romance blossoms from shows or movie sets. It's a tight knit group with detailed issues that effect every dept. "That's f'n teamwork!"

We've had talent or cast call a day before set, or literAlly hours prior to filming and cancel. (fortunately not any big parts) Schedules constantly change, pushing moving and cutting scenes.. We've had very important staff not show and no call.. Setting us all back. However all in all, the show goes on - in His name. The first week is almost done and we get our one day off on Sunday! Exciting lots of sleep to be had!

We did a club/bar scene tonight that was hilarious.. Bloopers galore.

Cast is all so awesome. Lead and supporting bff have great chemistry and will definitely keep it interesting on screen. I can not WAIT to see the end result already. Not to mention it is a true story.. And the more I find out about who it is that the story is based on, is such an interesting and exciting thing to be a part of. I again have no idea why I'm here.. As a human. It's a supernatural thing.

I want to write a long note with detail on all things per week, a little more intimate than my daily blogs - when I have time on my day off.

Meantime, I need as much sleep as I can get!!! Love you all, and if you're reading - please 'Follow' me so I know who to shout out. I know the whole fam checks this daily so do me a favor and make yourself a follower of this weird trekk I'm on..

That's a wrap!!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


6AM to 9:15PM. Takes an hour to get there and an hour back.
I just wanted to put that in perspective.

I got home and zonked out, and am eccstatic that our crew call is at Noon today!! Sweet sweet shut-eye. Funny that right next to our breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a full box of Emergen-C just in case anyone decides to get sick. :) Proactive.

Yesterdays scenes were incredible and the fact that this story is true, really grabs you when intense scenes take place. Today is the last day on this set! We move forth tomorrow to a new location and brand new cast. That means new wardrobe and new worries. The lead has 38 wardrobe changes... ...and 15 was my max for one person thus far. The changes in just THAT number were momentus. Haha oh dear. It can be done! It shall be done. Things that make it difficult:
Background on location
Surrounding patterns and colors
Lead vs supporting
..and of course, does it look goood.
No stripes, no logos, no lady gaga. That's going to be the name of my book.

I will take some pics of crew and perhaps some cast - our star being Michael Madsen. I know him from Free Willy :D.
Oh! I forgot to say that I will be supporting as well.. As a manager at a bar. My 'look' is dramatic and fantabulous. I'm uber excited. Hah! More to come, but I must enjoy my free morning! I've turned in my 5:00 morning drive to the set, for a 1:00 morning drive home from the set tonight. I'm more night person anyway.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2. All new.

Hot firebird for the lady and her chilen ;) First scene, 4 outfits. On the way to Granny's!

It's musical walkietalkies this morning, due to technical difficulties.. but it's cool. We're only 5 feet away from each other at times, we just like to look important. Haha

Townspeople are rubbernecking, with our cameras and audio set up in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. Some are
nice, some are NOT. Yikes.

Full speed ahead!

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The first day hath closed. Amazing process and great cast. Only day one of 6 to 10 on set, 21 more to go!

Little ones were up to shine today, they did wonderful. Boom, grips and gaffers were introduced (check out that new lingo).. all very cool. Without saying too much, a creepy cast member reaallly plays it well. . . Well done sir! My joint partner in crime, makeup and hair, is incredible as well. She's told her tv series Chuck (heard of it?!) to hold for our film here, pretty nice.

Day started out dark.. Gonna have to get used to these wee morning hours :) right. Lunch came late but the tacos, cake, and tea were worth it.

Day in the life of a costume designer..
coffee spilled on first outfit
forgot the lint roller
wrong button on my walkie, oops.
5 (or more, lame) buttons fell off of costume #2 for cast #3
muddied white canvas shoes
mic's teeth made the young ones whimper as I very carfully mic'd them
outfit #9 for cast #2 unexpectedly looked like a banana.. "Hold for wardrobe change.."
makeup all over a guys polo shirt.. They're obviously not used to that.
food in the teeth
no phones on set.. Then gomer pile's theme song rings twice - "CUT!!"
tape on the boobs
and the marker guy thinking his job couldn't get any better, amused me throughout the day.

Wow. Day dos, mañana! :D
Sleep awaits!
More pics to come..


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Days on!!

Cast is doing awesome.. Crew is splendid - great work. Good day!

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1 Long day down

Well.. One full day down! Costumes for day 1, 2, and 3 are loaded and on location. A long 12+ hour day with nothing but my own thoughts to listen to.. It went by fast! Eating disappears into the timeline on days like these. Fortunately we will get fed on set twice a day from now on, hooray :)

The real work starts in a few hours, and I am NOT a morning person. FRS healthy energy needs to jump on board here... Starbucks just can't be close enough. 5AM comes quickly, but my first day on Refuge of the Storm commences! Such a surreal ordeal, who'dathunk?!

Amazing, the paths He takes you when you've opened your heart, dropped all judgements, and surrendered your lifes path. Children, education, pharmaceutical marketing, project mgmt and leading production, media and print, sports marketing, vice president, football, modeling, acting, producing, costume design.. taking over the world. It's overwhelming and I'm loving it.

All this change and I've been placed in the hands of a group of hardworking successful people who pray together before starting the day.. a coincedence?

"Coincedences are God's way of remaining anonymous.."

On to the new chapter!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

..and it begins!

So the day has begun.. I'm setting up my scenes for the week, wardrobes in (still being bought) and numbered for our out-of-order orderly fashion for filming.
Studio above is being transformed into parts of the movie.. Walls share the space that'll play out the most evil shots, steps away from a place of mercy and forgiveness... hence the nickname I've dubbed "Magic Studio." It'll house many emotions and morph overnight what the next days set needs, details perfected at 6AM.

Hustle and bustle, last minute calls, fits, lines, and breaths.. We roll in the morning!!

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