Thursday, May 5, 2011

Allison Dubois.. I'm speechless.

So tonight I was present at perhaps the oddest most exciting event I have attended in a while. Mandi (my sister-in-law) met me in Irvine - her from LA, me from San Diego.. and went to a group reading with Allison Dubois. If you don't know the name, she is the real life story behind the TV show 'Medium' with Patricia Arquette, and she also made a cameo appearance on the Housewives of Beverly Hills as Camille Grammer's bff. The latter, she made a ruckus at a dinner party with her electric cigarette and badass attitude.. she seemed fun! So I found out when she would be visiting southern Cali and told Mandi that we were going to go see her work her claravoyent skills. Mind you that Mandi's mother passed away for reasons literally only God knows about 4 years ago. Closure has been hard to come by for her, so I figured.. why not!? Aside from number 1's haunting me, I thought perhaps this would be neat for both of us. Months in advance we bought our tickets. Well this evening was the show, and our group was about 60-70 people I'd say. Out of this group, only about 20 individuals were 'read'. Mandi was one of them. This is how it went: (everything in parinthesis is me adding my own 2 cents) and everything in "these" means a direct quote from Dubois herself..

The microphone was given to Mandi - they were chosing at random from around the room.
Mandi: My name is Mandi
Allison: Mandi with an 'i' (weird)
M: yes
A: who are you here for?
M: my mother
..that's the extent of Mandi's information.. from there on out for the next 10 minutes was Allison Dubois confirming her medium skills and talking to the deceased "on the other side"..

Allison giggled as she was "bringing her mom through".. and said while smiling, "oh, she isn't going to be hard to pull through at all.."
As she scribbled with pencil on a pad of white lined paper (this is SOP for her while she is speaking with those on the other side she says), she unloaded details to Mandi that her mother wanted her to know, or informaiton to validate it was really her.

 - she was blessed to have her as a child
 - she enjoys the walks
 - Mandi grew up too fast
 - she said Mandi was a precocious child
 - she remembers her as 9 years old, as HER daughter
 - she really likes Mandi's new car (she got a brand new BMW not too long ago)
 - she apologized for not making it physically to her wedding, but she was there.. "some place like Mexico" (Nick and Mandi got married in Cancun, Mexico) ((The wedding was almost right after her mom's passing, so this was the first of many huge events that hit Mandi really hard, post-passing))
 - she said "it wasn't supposed to be this way" (we still don't know how or why she died)
 - she didn't want to take up everyone's time (that was in the crowd) and pretty much apologized for coming through (so cute, and so Stacy!)
 - she said cats know when she's around, and to get one
 - she plays with Mandi's hair sometimes
 - she's in the stars, so when you're outside look up and she's there
 - she still likes to go shopping with Mandi and loves the sales - even though they have very different tastes (haha!)
 - she said she wasn't happy with the way her dad treats their relationship between them
 - she didn't want Mandi feeling like she was an orphan
 - "he's not doing a very good job and she is not happy about it"
 - her moms wedding ring is to go to Mandi, Mandi needs to get it from her dad
 - she was closer to Mandi when she was alive than her dad was at certain times
 - she enjoyed the songs they put together for her (mandi's assuming for her memorial)
 - she said "she was the wind beneath YOUR wings"
 - she likes watching old movies, so put some on for her
 - Christmas times were most special
 - Charlie Brown's Christmas.. watch it every year
 - she said even though she isn't here, to write her a mothers day card anyway (Mothers Day is this weekend)
 - she said she worries about Mandi not sleeping lately
 - she knows it's a hard year for Mandi, but assured her that she will make it through okay
 - she told her "don't be afraid to have children"
 - Mandi will have a long life ahead of her
 - she ended with butterfly kisses on mandi's cheeks and said she loved her

All of this was not in the order above except the last one. This is all that I remembered, and I'm sure there was maybe a bit more.. but almost every single one has a meaning specific to Mandi. She elaborated on most of them with me over dinner afterward.. I am speechless. Mandi is speechless. Nick is currently in New York for work, so there is some time to let it all sink in during this alone time. This is closure for her. Her mom is ok, and she said everything she needed to say. She may not have mentioned Mandi's siblings, but I explained in my opinion.. this was Mandi to Mom time - she was there for her.

I know some of you are thinking 99% of those topics anyone could choose and majority of a room would connect to it.. but when there are only 10 minutes to depict exact details and big events that mean so much to a stranger in a crowd, it's hard to believe she's making it all up. I wasn't a skeptic, but I like to see it in action. Some of the other stories were unfathomable the details that she had for these people she read. The confirmations with connecting details that those being read would affirm to everyone, was astonishing. Some were touching, some were silly. 
Example: Allison mentioned the deceased wanting a rock that said Believe on it.. the woman in the crowd said, "Yes,.. I have a rock that has Believe engraved on it, sitting on my desk". The woman continued through tears and said that she was jewish and explained that in memorium, it is tradition to throw a rock on the grave of the deceased.. and she felt incredibly awful for not yet doing that - and broke down bawling.

Stacy was real tonight and I know I had this crazy idea for a reason. That reason wasn't for me. Yes, these number 1's will still follow me but I wasn't supposed to find out tonight. Tonight was for Mandi, and I do believe her mom was standing in that line behind Allison, knowing we were on our way.

Now I'm not an advocate for psychics and I certainly don't live by any horoscope or suspicion and superstitions. Allison Dubois is however, checked out in my books. She's been studied at large and is very successful at the real deal readings with facts provided by those that have passed. Google her or read her books. Tonight was definitely a night to remember!

Love you MandiJo!
Time to think about cat names.