Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keep Calm & Carry On

Goodness y'all it's been a minute since I blogged!
Since Allison Dubois, my 1's still follow quietly in the background.. I just smile if I come across some ridiculous collaboration of the solo numbers. A lot has happened in the past couple months that is worthy of reflection and blogging in my opinion, so read on, nosy!

I kid..
Well, still at the agency and plan on being there for a bit - a long bit, for those reading from work. ;) I do miss the travel extremely and daily variables, but I can not complain. Something I want to highlight - I realize when I say pharmaceutical marketing, people automatically think pharma sales rep.. and that is sooo not what I do. I do not sell. I do not like selling, and if you were to tell me No to buying a random hand held case of pills, I'd say "very well" and walk away.

Now.. What I do is give those who have the natural knack of salesmanship, the reason behind why and how they sell. We make drugs look good. :) Not just drugs, but your aesthetician's $1000 serum they tell you your face needs, your plastic surgeon's brand new less invasive liposuction system they promise will create a new beauty out of you with, or even the new auto-retractable lens that you have surgically implanted for your robotic, eagle-eye sight. We create the brands and the stance behind all of those marketing tactics, in print, video, training, conferences - all pieces for the sales reps to use to sell to physicians and specialists, as well as consumers. We are under FDA and several regulatory team restrictions, which makes it a bummer at times, but also makes it a challenge to parts of the projects.. in what we can and can not do/say/claim/pitch etc. Brains and raw strategy in the pharmaceutical, health to cosmoceutical industries. THAT is what I manage, and that is what I'm doing currently. :) Now you understand a tip of the iceberg... enough to differentiate me from a sales rep. (Bless you sales reps!)

On another note, the movie Refuge from the Storm will be premiering in the Dominican Republic 11-11-11! Not in the US just yet (TBD), but post production just wrapped up this week in fact and the new trailer will be out towards the end of summer I believe. :D My 2 seconds and IMDb profile will live forever, but make sure to check out my wardrobe on everyone through the entire movie!!! Haha uber excited and will post trailers and updates as soon as they are released!

The most hectic part of the first half of 2011 was my relationship status..  this is the reason for the title of this blog, keep calm and carry on. I got that quote from a great friend that was with me/us through this keep calm part :) and needless to say, I made it through this quarter of a year, but not without a frenzy of emotions and conversations leading to crazed days of ups and downs. Everyone has one of those relationships, right? A lot of intense learning, and a LOT of learning yourself. I regret nothing; all took place for good reason, and I wish the best moving forward.

Carry on is the latter part of the phrase, and that's the part I'm enjoying. I've moved on and boy have I found myself in a place I don't want to jinx. :) Those that know me and the situation I'm frolicking in, may think perhaps too much too soon.. I say, when it's clear you know what you want and everything's on the table.. if it makes sense on every page you turn to.. . what are you waiting for? This is me not waiting. It makes perfect sense, and I am a lucky woman. ;P Gag, I know.. sorry.

Off topic, US Women's team lost to Japan and that is BS. We dominated the game and I absolutely love taking PK's, the pressure is awesome, but hate watching them - it does not tell you which team has more talent! Ridiculous that we missed so many, the focus was not there.. they toy with my emotions like that, so unfair. I am looking forward to Alex Morgan however, in the upcoming years!! Shout out.

To those I haven't spoken to in a while for whatever reason, please please keep in touch (as will I but I'm horrible at it I'm telling you up front). Whether you are from Refuge, the Dominican Rep, or football related.. I enjoy you - don't be a stranger. :)
A esos no he hablado en a un rato para permanece en contacto cualquier razon, por favor (lo siento, I'm horrible). Si usted es Refuge (pelicula), de la Dominicana, o futbol Americano relacionado. I enjoy you - don't be a stranger. :)

.....on to Thursday! It will be an amazing Thursday if I can get to sleep tonight... Fly Safe!