Saturday, January 15, 2011

Golden Globe "Stuff You Must"

Access Hollywood's Stuff You Must <--- Click to view pics!

So I've taken a week + weekend up in LA/Valencia to visit and sit the niece-dog Canyn (Nick & Mandi's pup, silver labrador).. to take some time to get out of my element and think on what's next! I thought perhaps I go home yesterday (Friday) but decided to stay due to some work and meetings I need to take care of up here for next week. Well, dinner yesterday at Sake I received a phone call from an old talent management company to do the Golden Globe "Stuff You Must" by Access Hollywood.. basically a gifting to celebrities by all types of sponsors for free stuff. I accepted and had to be at Sofatel LA Hotel by 9AM this morning. Got my orders and off I went..
1. let me say, this is how random life is.. and continues to be! I love that I have no time to think about what to expect or set any expectations in place, so I go in full 100% and end up taking away the best of it!
2. Celebrities are friggin' lucky.. the catering that goes on is simply drool-worthy

I was a talent or celeb escort, that took a walk on what you could call the red carpet through roughly 20 sponsors/vendors. Directing, introducing, and leading the way to the next set of goodies. Some of the sponsors:
Wonka Candies - complete with an oompa loompa
Slim Fast - Polaroid camera, super cool
JKC - a new favorite brand of bags and jewelry!
Prima - complete with the real Prima kitty on the commercials
Little Giraffe - blankets/robes.. soo soft
Ursula Mascaro - UNbelievable high heels, gorgeous
Pretty Ballerina - shoes, cute flats
Marschon - badass sunglasses
DNA 11 - they make art out of your DNA.. yes, you can do that. Billy Bush's was the sample.
Dorg Gray - (pronounced Yorgrey) amazing watches, the kind the President wears.
Netflix - lifetime free Netflix, movies and series
Altec - docs for ipads and iphones
Michelle Flynn - jewelry, imprints
Vintage Revolution - jeans.. I got some, soo comfy
NewBalance - new toning shoes.. best looking aesthetically in the category of Toning the legs and ass
SpinDisc - toys
Uno - Uno!
What Goes Around Comes Around - vintage clothing, uber cool T's vests and necklaces
CVS - Maybelline makeup, scent making, manicures, dermatology trials, teeth whitening, hair (I forget the product, oops!)
aaand Pepsi!

That is actually the entire trip through the venue. I had to carry all the bags. Ha! I just gave away all their secrets, but I didn't sign anything... :) You can see in the pics who all was there, but those I ran into and lead across the venue were:
Jennifer Stone - Wizards of Waverly Way (adorable, SO sweet)
Nelsan Ellis - True Blood (waaay down to earth with his opera friend Cedric, super cool)
Jennifer Finnigan - Better With You (buuuubbbblllllyyyy! Adorable.)

Neil Patrick Harris - so SMALL, chipper little man
Jane Lynch - so TALL, hilarious
Latoya Jackson - oh so fab in her sun hat and stunner shades, bling and all through the entire event. Tiny woman. Sounds like MJ.
Rex Lee - Lloyd from Entourage!!! MY FAVORITE!! Hehehe He is just like his character, but with loong hair. Weird.
Taylor Armstrong - Housewives of Beverly Hills
Shay Mitchell - Pretty Little Liars
Sarah Hyland - Modern Family
Tristan Wilds - 90210

.. a lot of the TV shows on, none of the Golden Globe movies up for nomination actors/actresses. I would have looved to see Natalie Portman. Go Black Swan! I have a feeling judging by all the celeb interviews, that the Swan is going to clean up. Sorry all others!! You have a good fighting chance..

So many people I ran across and didn't know who they were, but what a great long day on heels just perusing the isles with fun people. I'm rarely star struck; I like finding out who they really are in person. Such cool people today.

Well, I know there is more to update but this would be waaay too long. A brief:
 Refuge From the Storm will be coming out 11-11-11.. keep an eye out you Madsen fans!
 It's January. Incredible. I had a wonderful time over the holidays reconnecting with the fam and seeing some ol friends :) I live for you Texans!!!
 Can't wait to see what's around the corner.. Wrapping up loose ends and bracing for the next unexpected pop up of events!

On with the march to greatness. I will find you.