Sunday, November 21, 2010

The General's Casa

Last night here.. and I enjoyed it in the middle of no-where (literally), singing karaoke and eating a pig, goat, and chicken. I do hope I can get pics and videos up of tonight, I had the best time. I was with the true grupo Bruce Logan, Michael & Juliet HOlleran, Paul Johannson, Philip Steven Miller, Mike Marvin, Samuel Toribio, the General of DR, his lovely wife, Johnny the security.. we sang like there was no tomorrow. Sorry to those who heard it. ;) and danced like there was no tomorrow.

So I'm leaving Dominican Republic manana.. as sad as I am to see it go, I am happy to be coming home to San Diego. Madsen came last year to this event, so I have many stories on him and feel like I already know him for when we go into production in the next week or so for Refuge of the Storm. I'm proud to be here because of Elisa Acosta. He's truly a genuine human being. As for the rest of the hooligans, I am writing a script that will resemble Ocean's 11.. except it's Ocean's 5. Everyone I've met this trip has been amazing, and I intend on following up with each and every one. Evan my airline owner that I met today. . Jesus! It has been amazing. I will continue to push for video game production here in the DR, it is possible! The future.

I look forward to seeing where we all are and how we're connected in the next year. I appreciate each of your talents, and wish you the best!

Last call out from the DR ~


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cap Cana

Well, 2 nights ago was interesting.. We went 'off campus' to a Angelo restaurant in one of the squares here in the DR, right across from Columbus's house. Yes, Christopher Columbus.. he made his first stop here in the Dominican. Anyway, food was righteous and we had a lovely time! Next someone found a club that we alllll danced meringue in - amazing. I definitely got my work out in! I then came back to the hotel and we played at the casino! I lost and won someone else's money :) It worked out nicely.

Yesterday we are traveled across the island and landed in Cap Cana! We went from bus to jet to bus to bus and we arrived in Cap Cana's most amazing resort, spa and lodge - Secrets Sanctuary. LOOK THIS PLACE UP! I am taking many many pictures, but the pictures on their site are either exactly it or it doesn't do it justice. Everything is all inclusive, even the alcohol.. es muy bueno.

Today there were presentations on all industries and those representing those industries, mine being video game production and pushing how lucrative it is ((bigger sales than movie industry, believe it or not) and how I would build it to US standards, fit for the Dominican.. Cap Cana more specifically. PUMPED! This evening I plan on going to a few screenings/films and some workshops tomorrow.

Then tomorrow afternoon we are all jumping back on the tiny jet and heading back to the hotel in Santo Domingo. Final nights..!! Must make the best of it! I promise to provide a link to all pictures, but for now I do have some on my facebook - from opening night and things. There are SO much more. .

Love from Cap Cana

Well, I'm looking forward to CC. The beaches are beautiful!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Red Carpet! Opening Night

It is 1AM and we are just eating and starting the partying. My last post, I was so sorrily incorrect on the time.. I ended up having less than an hour to get ready. I found out what time it REALLY was, at the pool when discussing the nights festivities. Yikes!! I pulled it off however, and I can't wait to see pictures and videos. It was televised live here in DR and surrounding countries.. where I was on the green carpet, their version of red carpet. SO much fun. I had a rockstar moment.

Prior to the carpet, we had a pre-party gathering where I greeted El Presidente once more, met and took pictures with Sammy Sosa, Benicio del Toro, and Barry Bonds. The General also discussed possibly taking a tour this week of the Dominican to show the sights, from the mountains to the beaches, complete with a spread of cultural DR food. Un-believable.

I digress.. the ceremony was beautiful, honoring reknown film guru Arturo Rodriguez Fernandez, famous actress Claudia Cardinale, Benicio del Toro, and more. We then watched a 2 hour film in the National Theater, o Teatro Nacional.. Woman and Child. Great movie, and an extremely impressive cast. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia, included a cast of Samuel L Jackson, Annette Benning, Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington, and Amy Brenneman of Private Practice. You can look up the trailer actually.

NOW we are on to the eating and partying it up. Meringue will be breaking hips this evening. I just ate and came to the room to powder up.. now I must head back down to either say my good-nights - HA, no no.. they wouldn't let me sneak away that easily.. and early. 

Party on, party people. . the Festival has been kicked off royally! More to come!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh this is going to be fun

So I woke up from a phone call via Elias.. and went down stairs to meet him. He finally got in after a hell of a day of traveling. Got stuck in Miami.

So at dinner, I met Walter, Randy, Miquele, Storm, Justin, saw Brian and Chip again, and we all hung with E, Bruce, Philip (which in my previous blog was 'Kevin or Keith' oops), PJ, Juliet and Mike, and I'm sure more.. sorry.. light bit of dinner and a lot bit of drinking. Tried scotch or LIFE as my new friend Lynette calls it :) I was told a DR joke in which they'd rather spill blood/Life over alcohol. . anyway, I had some wine, and a mojito as well.. some karaoke and chatting, and now it's really time for bed. I have no idea what time it is. All clocks are wrong and there isn't a master in the bedroom. I swear they do it on purpose. Especially since there is a casino down stairs.

I have a feeling this week will bring a lot of great memories. I have already started the quote book, I can't wait to review tomorrow. Imagine sitting with all very powerful people and sharing salus, laughs and inside jokes.

Again, tomorrow is the red carpet event. . Can't wait! Storm is the producer of a pretty interesting story that is being shown last on Sunday, I'll post a link of it when I can. It involves the background of DR politics.. always intriguing. The hotel I am staying in also has a celeb background, being the 'nicest hotel here'. It was used in filming the Godfather, taped as Cuba. Super cool. If I can get to the roof I will take a pic and post! That is where the wedding and cake scene is, if you can remember.

Until tomorrow ~ I bid farewell, and goodnight! Ciao

Hello Dominican Republic!

 After 8 total hours of flying, 4 with entertainment (George was on his way to UnderArmour and the Ravens.. and hopped on the flight to Newark!) and 4 sitting in the middle of the Dominican. I thought it was bad in Cancun, but now I actually have to talk business, and I can not understand 4 of the 5 words that are spoken to me. So much for those classes throughout the years! I've got to jump on this spanish bandwagon. . any way.. on the resort is a little bit better. My guide Seires (pronounced like Sadies) is an adorable Dominican girl :) She was holding my name at the airport and was excited to see who she would be leading around was a young female.. Although her English is no bueno, and my Spanish is horrendous, we've already established that we are going to learn from each other. Hand signs and charades will do for now.

On the way to my destination, driving is organized chaos as any foreign country is to an outsider. I'm pretty sure most of the way we were going 130 mph. I should've taken a picture of his speedometer. . I thought maybe it was broken? People don't stay in lanes, if there is one. Small chirpy honks are many, to let someone know you may be taking off their side mirrors, but that's all. People are literally crossing the street like it's a suburban road, but in reality it's a 3 lane highway with flow of traffic going 100+. Ha! Hey, if it works for them, then I won't freak out.

Got to the Occidental El Embajador Hotel and got my room (no idea what to tip).. thought I was going to take a nap, so I unpacked a bit and was getting ready to lay down - Seires calls and says she's hungry. Haha I guess she's on my time.. so she takes me down to eat. I get some fruit and cucumbers, pasta, slice of bread, and as I'm sitting down, some friends Michael and Julia Holleran ask.. "You're going to eat fruit?" I said "No." lol Then they proceed to order my drink of Coke (of which I don't ever drink, ever) without ice. It is the only thing that doesn't have water or fruit in it, and that is available.
Alright. . so I pick at what I have and I can already tell that if I want to lose weight, my goal will rapidly be achieved. Keep in mind, in the neighboring country, Haiti, Cholera outbreak has 14,000 infected and 900+ dead to date. Transmitted by bacteria in water. . . ehk. Prayers, please?

After, we go inside for drinks as Seires and other 'guides' are sitting off to the side.. I have a rum and coke (with no ice)! VERY good by the way. I see Bruce Logan roaming the poolside with his cigars and say hello to him and he introduces me to director Keith or Kevin.. I've got to find a way to remember names!!!

So.. I have now made it back up to my room for a nap. I am so bloated due to flying, my toes look like sausages. My body will love laying down. .  I have internet and thank you to George Whitfield for lending me his laptop. Facebook, blogging, and email is all I've got. I am so excited for opening night tomorrow! Tonight is opening night for all of the 4 or 5 provinces.. tomorrow is the red carpet. :)

I'm sure my posts will get fewer as the week goes on and my itinerary get filled.. and Seires has more things for me to do, but I will try and keep it up!

A Dominican XOXO

Friday, November 12, 2010


I wanted to do a post on motion capture (mocap) that is used in movies (like Avatar) to capture human or character movement, and is more recently being used in video games for 3D motion. As I peruse the sites looking for some fun links for you to view, I came across a nice description as to why humans are used for animal characters in animation. . .

Humans are the vast majority of mocap actors, because humans are patient, will take direction, and will not attempt to lick markers off their bodies, unlike dogs, cats, tarantulas, and so forth.

I couldn't stop laughing so I figured I would just share. :) It makes sense, it's just random. Maybe I'm easily amused.

Post-DR and wrap on set for Refuge from the Storm, the snowball just gets going faster. I will be starting production on yet another feature film and production on a video game thriller - - helping produce as well as stepping in with my skills in mocap as a character in the game! Uber exciting. Watch for more updates on that! 
Happy Friday!!

PS. Clip that shows a bit of mocap with markers and cams:

Hat #1292

#1292: Consulate in training
I will tred lightly for those background-checking me in different camps.. personal and business. I appreciate being 5 minutes of your day, I'm actually flattered. I assure you, you will find nothing - nothing but an awesome person, a clean slate, and this blog. I presume I will not hear a confirmation of your findings, not even a wink to let me know you've read this when we meet next. I am so very fortunate we met!

Yesterday, I dined with an Assistant US Attorney, DEA Agent, and a visual and computer graphics supervisor with a long list of blockbuster movies - also known as Clint Eastwood's producer and confidant.
Today, I met with an overseas General, a Producer/War Analyst, a Biometric and digital imaging company.. and several others with the brilliance gene.

Who am I to find myself sitting among the elite? ;)

HoMeWoRk before I leave Monday.. and a quick brush up on my Espanol!  Santo Domingo, Port au Prince, and Cap Cana I shall meet soon enough!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One more thing..

.. can I mention that I will be having dinner tomorrow with Liz Radley, a well known and seasoned video and computer graphics guru? She is the answer to my prayers. Look her up.

That is all.


I kid. We have now pushed what's left of production to after Thanksgiving!

Therefore I have time to set up my path in DR next week. BIG meetings, BIG people with BIG titles. BIG doors and BIG opportunities await. . and if you would like to think that I have received this path by coincedence or whatever means you want to think up outside of God - - just keep following, and I'll show you why it is only Him who provides blessings. Not the universe, the gods of materialism or anything tangible, not the stars, and certainly no taroh cards, crystals, or called upon spirits are able to make these avenues so conveniently reachable. Simply the one who loves, and loves to bless when believed in and called upon, feared and respected.

I've moved a lot of things out of my way to make sure this wire of communication to those above is clear and there are no intrusions, disturbances or disruptions in the way. I'm continuously working on that and it may be medium to high speed like u-verse, but it isn't and probably never will be the speed of light.

Spoke to a friend of several several years today, I got him all filled in and up to date on what was going on with me. Listening to myself give the rundown of everything that's been happening.. it's laughable how many hats I've had in almost exactly 1 year. Ready? Breakdown of what my resume would look like:

Senior Traffic Coordinator - Project Management
Senior Production - Print/Media, Full service marketing agency
Sports Marketing - various companies
Vice President - Launched new off-season football league
Director of Marketing and Operations - Football League & Academy
Model/Actress - Feature film, shoots, short films, fashion series, fashion shows, etc
Costume Designer - Feature film
Make-up & Hair Assistant - Feature film
Video Game Build & Producer - Motion capture projects

1 year, but with many years prior in study and learning. Kind of. ;) I say it's because I am outgoing, but not everyone outgoing has chances like these. Not everyone Christian has chances like these either - not exact, but blessed in their own way undoubtedly. On the contrary, even those that are not Christian have these opportunities.. my opinion is, I just get 10 times more out of it, and pass it on. Deeper meanings, bigger relationships, and many more blessings - what the human eye can see as well as what it can not. I consider myself extremely blessed. I can also say at any low point in my life, that I'd say the same thing.. my outlook wouldn't change. I'd still have a smile on my face. I actually live for the challenges, (I've always said this.. even in the middle of blow-out fights in pubescent fury with the parental units years ago) because I know someone has my back. I'm a tester and I like to push boundaries.. :) I will push in to many other hats.. and I will keep blogging about it.

lurve ya all! :x

Home stretch

Got the last 2 call sheets, perhaps we have 1 or 2 more after that.. 6:30AM call time, prooobably working to the wee morning hours is my guess.

Average day of shooting is 6 pages in the script, various scenes. That accounts for a good 12-13 hour day typically.. and most times we go over. These last couple call sheets call for 8 pages in the script, calling for 15 hours.. pushing 20 is my guess.

Fun part is my scenes are in those 2 call sheets.. :D Batter up!
Madsen will be gracing us with his presence as well as his son Christian for his film debut.

Schedule ran past due date so we've lost some of our crew family..
Thor Lengies (sound): it's been real man! Been awesome working with you.. I've made my list of fabrics to use when I want to cause trouble ;) thanks for the lessons sir. Tell your creative Debbie gracias as well!

Adam Rudder (1st AD): well done, well done. Thanks for your voice in it's entirety, and direction you've provided! We shall be in touch yes we will..

I believe there are more but those guys are my homies. Onward march..
Big wrap is a'comin! Then not 24 hours after, my initerary says I will be boarding a plane to Jersey.. then to DR baby! I will continue posting through that experience, with a gargantuan number of pics.

With me.. Elias Acosta, Bruce Logan, and Peter Levermann make the gang en route. Homework to do, homework to do! If you feel you know more than me in video games or game production... Show yourself! Let's chat ;)

Running around today, wrapping up loose ends in other projects and piecing together wardrobe.. Busy busy lady! Keep following!


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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kat's Casa

The time is rolling, we are in the 4th week... Mid-week, however our lead is shooting another film in Europe and has pushed our schedule out another week or so. Eh, it's gone fast enough, it's just going to get faster. Especially if we are hitting the 3AM to 3PM work hours.. yes, that's morning start to afternoon wrap. Film industry says this is a regular scenario when using locations like bar scenes, etc. I am a night person but I'm not sure if this counts!

We are on set at yet another gorgeous mansion, beautiful property!! I wish I could post pictures... but no can do :( You must wait for our trailer and premier I'm sorry to say.

It's has been so neat working with different personalities and experience levels.. both crew and cast. So many new opportunities, doors opening, and network building... and so very interesting getting life stories of everyone on set and those that we use This industry really does bring all walks together! I'm in love!

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