Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September in the year 2013

Is this the way blogs are supposed to work? I guess maybe I'm an exception. I come back when I remember I have one.. so so much missed. This may be mumbo-jumbo but I don't want to pack.. so take it as a brain dump, and a bit of an update! 

Oscar has been back from Afghanistan a little over a year. We are still together - in fact, on my birthday August 24th, he proposed. :) I turned 28. I said yes, I had a going away party.. because I am moving to Corpus Christi, Texas with him.. I've shipped my 12 boxes and sold my furniture, sold my car, gave away several bags and boxes, flew to El Paso and celebrated with the future in-laws, bought myself a new beautiful car thanks to so many people at Hoy Fox Lexus (shout out!) and the incredible individuals that helped make the buy in less than 6 hours, Oscar bought a new house that he got the keys to today, and my job? My job asked me to work remotely from Texas! So I've transitioned my agency (AdEase - a crazy cool and talented agency that I adore) from paper and jackets and routing to the new digital age, successfully. I fly out tomorrow as the first stint of this remote plan, into my new house with my new car, and most importantly, with my new fiance in my new city. :) Things just don't slow down, and the world does not stop turning for anything. Life is so sweet.. even in the last couple days thinking about planning (but not planning yet.. not sure where to start!) the big day that changes my last name.. I have come across so many names that I really wish I could sit down with and catch up, get advice, give advice, talk about life and all the little things that make it all worth while. As I sit here in this Residence Inn Marriott in San Diego, while I should be packing, I'm in a reflective mood tonight and remembered I had a blog to poor it all out. My girlfriend Erin and I had a good workout and then some good discussions sitting in the hot tub for a while. Men, relationships, careers, crazy people, potential.. just makes me want to sit, relax, and take it all in again and again. Changes are what make us, and I do like my fly by the seat of my pants moves - lately I'm trying to hang on for dear life. This move to Texas took a while to settle in the soul.. San Diego is who I am, it's who I fell in love with before I even moved here 9 years ago, I've built what I wanted, my network, my friends, my career.. I've gained so much, so many relationships that I don't want to fade. I sold my car. It was so pretty. It was a tangible good, but it was pretty. I've lived in PB, FV, PL, Northpark, LJ, Bankers Hill.. and I'll be taking a bit of those and a bit of everyone I've met and come to love.. with me to Corpus Christi. I've had some melt downs and realizations that I am truly a control freak, even when it's controlling my sporadic and gypsy nature - it's still controlled by me. This is a learning curve for me as I not only leave San Diego but I start such a brand new chapter on a figurative 100# silk book text calligraphic engraving each story in there.. starting tomorrow. Though this is the toughest move I have personally had to make, not once did I doubt it was what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to go. Only He can give me that foundation when I have the faith I have - but only Oscar would be the one to take me there. I am pumped that it's all come to fruition. I can not wait to feel the keys in my hand to the new house, actually drive my car for the 2nd time, and get to see my future husband all in all. Time apart has been significant in our relationship, but we've done well. We both would obviously want to be by each others side and its hard when we aren't, but we've been through it all before. :) I'm ecstatic to see what our future looks like.. I just can't help but feel like it is just beginning to get good. 
Nicholas, I love you - stop looking or you'll miss whats trying to hide until youre ready to see it.. you'll see her when the time is right. 
Rocket-Jamie, I love you and I love that you're a fighter and have beat cancer twice now. Words can't express how much I look up to you and though I've never been in your shoes, I take a piece of you and the pain and healing you go through, gladly with me in my every day steps.. it's one of many things I can do from afar. I miss you.
Micah, you're my Godson!! I have acquired you 15 months ago.. and I am the luckiest GodMommy in the entire world. I wish I could see you more and spoil you rotten. ;) You get a little sister soon, and man I can't wait to see how she molds you into an incredible big brother. I love you Kings.. Brandon, Shannon, you mean the world. I'll never stop thanking you for trusting me to your baby. He's going to move mountains when he gets older. ;) 
Trisha, you've taken some reigns and started your own chapters recently. Arkansas is so lucky to have a Berger there, you show them how it's done. Remember what I told you not too long ago.. Good bad odd crazy the 'not you' the wrong place wrong time, the I totally made this decision and I have to follow through regardless if I lose friends lose my pride lose sleep gain some pounds or gain a legendary reputation that has your face molded into history - - I'm excited for you. Haha college life is the best. So incredibly proud of you and excited to see where you take yourself.
There are so many people I have little messages like this for... I wish face to face could be much simpler. Find your faith and build it, grow it and nurture it so intensely. If He is for you, who can be against you? Anything is possible and I love seeing challenges met with even better and crazier not-thought-possible outcomes. To all reading or just perusing through.. pass the buck - know that everyone is fighting their own battles. Share the love - It's a crazy time!! On to the next roller coaster!! <3